• Aftercare: Are You Sure You’re Having Sex Right?

    Let me set the scene for you. You just got done with a steamy (or maybe weird, silly, lame, or anything - we don’t judge) sex session. You get a bit of a natural high from sex that you need to settle down from. All of those chemicals and hormones have just finished rushing through you at a fast p... View Post
  • Climbing Your Sex Everest and the Different Climbs

    Let me ask you a serious question; if you were to climb Mount Everest, would you do it without a harness?   There is only one right answer to that question, and it is no. What’s interesting is that the same logical analogy can be applied in the bedroom. Your partner is your Mount Everest and Lube... View Post
  • How To Have pHucking Safe Sex

    Not everyone knows about what’s going on down there and it can get particularly confusing when you’re sexually active. Things get mixed, some stuff happens, liquids marinate, and sometimes, that can change how your body works. Adding flavoured lube to the mix (while incredibly fun) can obviously ... View Post