• Does Sex Help Reduce Stress? Here’s the Truth

    Whether you’re stressed out over work, family, school, or life, it follows you everywhere. You don’t need to be stressed specifically about your relationship (or lack of) in order for it to trickle into your sex life. There are a lot of different variables that can turn your hanky panky into a la... View Post
  • Aftercare: Are You Sure You’re Having Sex Right?

    Let me set the scene for you. You just got done with a steamy (or maybe weird, silly, lame, or anything - we don’t judge) sex session. You get a bit of a natural high from sex that you need to settle down from. All of those chemicals and hormones have just finished rushing through you at a fast p... View Post
  • Climbing Your Sex Everest and the Different Climbs

    Let me ask you a serious question; if you were to climb Mount Everest, would you do it without a harness?   There is only one right answer to that question, and it is no. What’s interesting is that the same logical analogy can be applied in the bedroom. Your partner is your Mount Everest and Lube... View Post
  • How To Have pHucking Safe Sex

    Not everyone knows about what’s going on down there and it can get particularly confusing when you’re sexually active. Things get mixed, some stuff happens, liquids marinate, and sometimes, that can change how your body works. Adding flavoured lube to the mix (while incredibly fun) can obviously ... View Post
  • A History of BDSM (Kinky)

    Sex God Rihanna once said, “Chains and whips excite me.” This led to a huge conversation amongst North Americans about what that meant exactly. I’m sure you’ve heard of BDSM, but do you know what it stands for? Do you know its history and origins? Do you understand why people enjoy it? After aski... View Post
  • The 4 Health Benefits of Handjobs (yes you read that correctly)

    “If you go out to dinner with someone, you find out what they prefer in food. We ought to be able to have a conversation to find out what people prefer when it comes to sex.” --Betty Dodson Is having a penis fun? Well, it has its ups and downs. And one of those ups is handjobs. Your go-to, the ... View Post
  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month Awareness

    “Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it’s a good place to start.” – Jason Collins, first ever male athlete to publicly identify as gay.   Imagine chilling at a pub table surrounded by your friends. The drinks are pouring, the mood is light, and there’s smiles all around. Someone men... View Post
  • Springtime brings May and… Masturbation?

    “Reading - like masturbation - is something you do alone and very little in life brings more pleasure” - Chloe Turlow, Author of the Fifty Shades of Grey The month of May is known for a lot of things. Springtime, flowers, bees, and of course, plenty of sunshine. But one thing you might not kno... View Post