Springtime brings May and… Masturbation?

“Reading - like masturbation - is something you do alone and very little in life brings more pleasure” - Chloe Turlow, Author of the Fifty Shades of Grey

The month of May is known for a lot of things. Springtime, flowers, bees, and of course, plenty of sunshine. But one thing you might not know about May, is that it also happens to be International Masturbation Month (we’re just as surprised as you are).

Just as May brings new ideas for making love with passion, so too do our thoughts on what masturbation is all about. Today, we’re shedding some light on this taboo topic, to clear up some misunderstandings once and for all.

What it’s not:

Masturbation has had a bit of a bad rap for quite some time. You’ve probably heard about the rumours surrounding masturbation, or the old myth about how little Johnny will “go blind if he keeps on doing it”. 

In reality, masturbation won’t make you lose your eyesight (unless you take a strong shot in the eye), or shrink your private parts.

In fact, masturbation is just a healthy and natural way to express love toward the most important person in the world - yourself.

Here’s some facts about masturbation that’ll blow you away.

Babies masturbate when they’re in the womb

Did you ever get caught while doing ‘the deed’? Regardless of how old you were when you did, chances are you’ve been doing it a lot earlier than you think.

Based on what scientists say, we’ve had ‘naughty thoughts’ even before we were born! In both male and female fetuses, research has observed them performing masturbatory behaviors while still in their mother’s womb. Hey, don’t blame me - it’s science! [1

Now you know why some people are naturals at pleasuring others - they’ve been practicing since the beginning of time.

It’s a great way to relieve stress

Masturbating is a great way to help you relax. As an activity meant for your personal pleasure, it’s one method to let out all that built up tension.

Whether you’ve decided to include a toy, or go at it bare handed, having an orgasm comes with a ton of benefits. These include:

  • Lowering stress and tension
  • Increasing body confidence
  • Helping you get a good night’s sleep
  • Making you happy (duh!)

Even after playtime is over, there’s still a lot more going on inside your body. 

Your brain releases endorphins after an orgasm, which are the ‘feel good’ chemicals in your body. That’s the reason why you feel like you’re in heaven afterward and don’t want to move. 

Strengthens relationships by knowing about each other’s needs

The better you know yourself, the easier it is to find what gives you pleasure. Not everyone likes it rough, and for others, anything but being manhandled is out of the question.

As a result, orgasms aren't always easy to come by. You can think of them like the perfect evening, which takes careful planning and attention to detail to make it a success. Mess up one small detail, and you’ve ruined the mood entirely.

This is where masturbation comes into play - it allows you to understand and discover your body’s own needs. In the bedroom, that can help you and your partner to know exactly how to please each other better, leading to a better and stronger bond. 

So get out the clothespins, beads, electrodes, and experiment! By understanding exactly what gets you off and what doesn’t, your partner doesn’t need to feel anxious about whether or not they’re doing the right thing...

All they’ll need to focus on is how to maximize your pleasure.

Keeps your libido in check

Here’s another myth we’re dispelling, and that’s the myth that masturbation lowers your libido. Not only does touching yourself in the right places turn you on, it also helps to keep your sex drive optimal and charged. 

Imagine you’ve had a long day. You got cut off in traffic, the store sold out of your favorite bread, and to top it all off, there’s still a ton of things to do when you get home. Now as you head home, your partner greets you and seems to be eyeing you for supper. With all that's happened, the chances of you two going at it are slim to none. 

It’s natural for negative feelings to tire you out and put you out of the mood. But over long periods of time, these situations can become habits. Once that happens, your body won’t know what your ‘normal’ sex drive is anymore.

That’s where masturbation comes in. It helps to keep your libido in check and remind your body what feeling good is REALLY about. After all, the best way to satisfy your hunger is to eat something, which might be the solution for your libido.

As the old saying goes: use it or lose it!

Feels a lot better with lube

Lastly, when it comes to rubbing one out, a little help goes a long way.

Looking at the science behind self-pleasure, researchers have gone to great lengths to answer some deep and insightful questions. 

One of these is the infamous question we’ve all wanted to know the answer to:
“How do I get more pleasure?”

Naturally, the only way to answer this was to experiment. By gathering up a ton of volunteers and performing over 10,000 sexual intercourse and 3,000 masturbatory tests, they narrowed it down to one simple answer: Don’t skip the lube. [2]

These trials show one important fact: R-rated participants experienced SIGNIFICANTLY higher sexual pleasure and satisfaction, compared to a lubeless experience. That means if you want to spice up your sex life, add some water or silicone based lube, make things slippery, and you’ll be ready to take things to a whole another level.

You could also just jump straight into the action, but that might leave you feeling sore for a couple of days afterward.

So be like BBQ and beat your meat solo or with a partner’s help. Above all, do it with vigor, valor, and the confidence that comes with creating immense pleasure for yourself or your partner. After all, nothing feels better than knowing you’re making others feel the exact same way you do.

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