about us

Mission Statement

To put the PLAY back in forePLAY and take the media sexualization out of sex.

Our mission is to go against the conventional norms of the adult product industry and curate an
offering that is approachable, safe, and fun for everybody.

Our Story

Our Story started with one of our founders looking for products for him and his new fiancé to enjoy in the bedroom. What started out as a romantic idea, turned into an excruciating excursion from one adult sex store to the next, and a few, accidental, porn sites too (we apologize if you typed in www.lubed.com by mistake). The outcome was a rampant and uncontrollable porn addiction that ruined his marriage. Post divorce, and in forced retrospection via counselling, our founder traced back the demise of his marriage to his well intended gesture of sexual enjoyment with his wife. In that moment, it dawned on him – nearly every adult brand and product is over sexualized, illustrated by imagery of naked women and men, and frankly, words that just sound douche – who talks like that? Why is there not an offering that is actually approachable, attainable, and speaks to how sex should be – Fun, Playful, Vibrant, and Color.

Enter Lube-d

Lube-d is unlike other adult brands.
Our products are designed to be tasteful (& tasty), fun, and safe to use, no matter where your sex
life takes you. Made with your spunky spirit in mind, our products are:

  • Water based
  • Sugar free
  • Non-sticky
  • 100% Vegan
  • Made with food grade ingredients
  • And come in a variety of delicious flavours.

So, whether you need chocolate because you know your babe has a sweet tooth (disclaimer: our lube is not an aphrodisiac, but it might help you get in the mood), or some cherry because you have tiny testicles, or you need one of every flavour because you don’t know which one your date will like – we’ve got you covered.

Not only are our flavours delicious, they’re also characters representing the diversity in taste and preference that we all have. You shouldn’t be forced to choose from the same flavours that are on every menu... where is the fun and variation in that?

Our Approach

Our branding does not scream profanities such as ‘F*uck With Flavor’ like other brands do nor does it share unattainable images of women after they have been photoshopped and touched up for countless hours. You deserve better than that. We are opposed to that. In fact, we created our line of novelty flavours like fried chicken, BBQ sauce, and bacon.

Yes – bacon! Why? To illustrate in a jarring manner how absurd, serious, and stiff the adult product space has become. Yeah, our products can be ridiculous and hilarious, but they are also fun and adventurous in the same way sex should be. In life we all need to take ourselves a little less seriously, it would really eliminate the awkwardness, and is that not that also true about sex?

Not only is Lube-d trying to remove awkwardness and tension associated with sex, but our flavours actually taste good as well! My favourite is the fried chicken, two of my favourite things (fried chicken and sex) coming together in a singular beautiful moment, brings a tear to my face.


Although we like to have fun, there is one thing we do not mess around with and that’s our product quality. Our products are made in a GMP Certified facility with FDA and Health Canada licenses, and an extremely robust quality management system with over 65+ Standard Operating Procedures. You and your partner/s can trust our products, so you can stop worrying and get back to having fun.