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Why Lube-d

Our branding does not scream profanities such as ‘F*uck With Flavor’ like other brands do nor does it share unattainable images of women after they have been photoshopped and touched up for countless hours. You deserve better than that. We are opposed to that.

The 5 Qualities You Bring

The Benefits

  • 50% off lube-d Bottles
  • Free Gift set for a giveaway
  • 25% monthly commission
  • 15% discount to your audience
  • Marketing materials
  • Google search ads
  • Love and collaboration from our team

How to become a FWB Program

  • Apply

    Sign up via the link below and once accepted, gain access to our affiliate dashboard featuring your personal tracking link, sales, and advertising materials.

  • Talk About us

    Create quality content for your audience and add your tracking link to it. You can use our advertising materials for inspiration or create custom content for your audience.

  • Earn Monthly Commission

    Every time your custom link drives sales, you get a commission. You will receive your payouts once a month via PayPal.

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